California, meet your new customized lawn plan.

The TruGreen California Lawn Plan provides year-round care specifically designed for the turf and
environmental conditions of the Golden State. With elements like expert application of slow-release
fertilizer, organic-based soil amendment and aeration services, this plan keeps an eye on your
environmental footprint while providing the nutrients and protection your California lawn needs to thrive.

your TruGreen California Lawn Plan includes:
  •          Aeration (twice a year)
             Increases the flow of air, water and nutrient absorption by roots.
  •          Overseeding
             Works with the second aeration to fill in thinning areas of turf.
  •          Fertilization (three times a year)
             An advanced, slow-release formula steadily feeds your lawn.
  •          Weed Control
             Pre-emergent and quarterly spot treatment of California weeds.
  •          Nuisance Pest Control
             Controls spiders, earwigs, fleas and ants.
  •          Organic-Based Soil Amendment
             Naturally conditions the soil, stimulating roots and conserving water.
  •          TruGreen Expertise
             Quarterly visits from your TruGreen specialist.

Healthy Lawn Guarantee

TruGreen will gladly visit
your property as often as
needed between scheduled
visits to make any necessary
adjustments and to ensure
your satisfaction.2


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