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TruGreen lawn plans start with a Healthy Lawn Analysis,® 2 exploring your climate, soil condition, grass type and lawn usage. From there we design a tailored year-round plan to give your lawn exactly the help and protection it needs at key stages in every season.
your tailored TruGreen lawn plan can include:
  • A Healthy Lawn Analysis to help tailor a plan to meet your lawn’s needs
  • Proactive services provided at key stages throughout the year
  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Protection against lawn damaging insects
  • The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®


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lawn services
TruGreen® offers a full line of lawn care services
        so homeowners can achieve a lawn they love.
        They range from basic weed and feed to more
        comprehensive services such as core aeration.

This product is a must for any homeowner. It includes a
slow-release fertilizer plus
pre-emergent and targeted
weed control.

In addition to fertilization and
weed control, you get soil amendment for improved conditions and better results.

For the healthiest lawn possible. Includes weed and feed, soil amendment, overseeding and core aeration.

always included:
TruExpertSM Certified Specialists
Our PhD-certified specialists scientifically tailor
your plan to bring out your lawn's potential.
Healthy Lawn Analysis®
We evaluate your climate, soil condition, grass
type and lawn usage to determine your lawn's
specific needs.
Healthy Lawn Guarantee®
You'll love your lawn, guaranteed. We'll make
any necessary adjustments to ensure your
Pre-emergent Weed Control
A pre-emergent is applied at certain times of
the year to help prevent weeds from showing
up in the first place.
Targeted Weed Control
Eliminates various types of weeds that pop
up throughout the year and keeps them from spreading.
Our slow-release formula is applied at key
points in every season to stimulate and
maintain growth.
additional services:      
Targeted Insect Control
Fights a variety of lawn damaging insects
before they cause damage, like feeding on
grass blades or roots.
Lawn Aeration & Overseeding*
Opens compact soil to the flow of air, water
and nutrients. Fills in thinning areas of turf
with new seed.
*May not be applicable for all grass types