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healthy lawn guarantee

Healthy Lawn Guarantee
TruGreen will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.3

plans & services

Recommended Plan: TruHealth® TruComplete® TruSignature®

Lawn services

TruGreen offers a full line of lawn care services so homeowners can achieve a lawn they love. They range from basic weed control and fertilization to more comprehensive services such as core aeration.

TruHealth Benefits
In addition to fertilization and weed control, you get targeted insect control or a soil amendment for improved conditions and better results.
TruComplete Benefits
For the healthiest lawn possible. Includes weed control and fertilization, overseeding and core aeration.
TruSignature Benefits
A must-have to protect your most valuable outdoor investment. Our most comprehensive plan for the healthiest lawn, trees and shrubs.
Always Included:

TruExpertSM Certified Specialists

Our PhD-certified specialists scientifically tailor your plan to bring out your lawn's potential.

Healthy Lawn Analysis®

We evaluate your climate, soil condition, grass type and lawn usage to determine your lawn's specific needs.

Healthy Lawn Guarantee®

You'll love your lawn, guaranteed. We'll make any necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

A pre-emergent is applied at certain times of the year to help prevent weeds from showing up in the first place.

Targeted Weed Control

Eliminates various types of weeds that pop up throughout the year and keeps them from spreading.


Our advanced formula is applied at key points in every season to stimulate and maintain growth.

Targeted Insect Control*

Fights a variety of lawn damaging insects before they cause damage, like feeding on grass blades or roots.

Soil Amendment*

Balances pH for optimal lawn growth. Improves nutrient availability, rooting and microorganism activity.
Additional Services  

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding**

Opens compact soil to the flow of air, water and nutrients. Fills in thinning areas of turf with new seed.

Tree & Shrub

Includes root zone fertilization, insect and disease control, horticultural oil, targeted trunk injection and winter protection.
*Not available in all geographies.
**May not be applicable for all grass types.
learning center select your topic of interest
  • Weed Control | Keep Weeds at Bay by Maintaining a Healthy, Green Lawn

    The first step to a healthy lawn is identifying your weed type. There are two types of weeds: perennial and annual.

    Perennial Weeds:

    • live longer than 2 years
    • reproduce quickly
    • survive adverse weather conditions
    • include wild violet, dollarweed & dallisgrass

    Annual Weeds:

    • lasts only a season
    • germinate and come out at times of the year when
    • preemergent weed control is not active
    • include annual bluegrass, knotweed, rescuegrass & oxalis
  • Lawn Fertilizing | How to Maintain a Healthy, Green Lawn

    It's important to know what the best lawn fertilizing mix is for your lawn. Providing your lawn with the nutrients it needs through proper lawn fertilizing is crucial to having a healthy, green lawn.

    • Nitrogen makes grass plants grow and become greener
    • Phosphorus stimulates root and seedling development
    • Potassium promotes tolerance against disease and drought
  • Tree Service | Tree Specialist | TruGreen

    Love your trees? Trees are susceptible to many diseases, so it is important to partner a with a tree service company you can trust. TruGreen's affordable tree service options include:

    • Spring Feeding
    • Foliage Protection
    • Root Zone Fertilization
    • Overwintering Insect Control
    • Horticultural Oil and Trunk Injections
  • How Do I Get Green Grass?

    Homeowners frequently ask, how do I get green grass? While there's no single answer to that question, there are several steps a homeowner can take to create a healthy, green lawn. Here are some tips that can help you achieve a green lawn:

    • Fertilization: make sure you have the right mix of nutrients, which includes nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus
    • Weed control: applying preemergent will put you ahead of the game when it comes to the health of your lawn, especially as the growing season approaches
    • Watering: typically, most lawns are okay with one to two inches of water per week, maybe a little more during the hot summer months
  • Lawn Disease | Brown Patch | Dollar Spot | Rust

    Lawn disease can happen anywhere and to any kind of lawn, no matter how healthy you think your lawn is. Here are some common lawn diseases you might encounter:

    • Brown Patch: a lawn fungus that commonly starts out as a small brown spot and then quickly spreads
    • Rust: a lawn disease that causes orange-colored grass blades
    • Dollar Spot: most common in the early summer, is another type of quick- spreading lawn fungus

customer reviews

​TruGreen technician is terrific.

by Brian K.
"I want to say that I have had TruGreen service for just over one year and I now have one of the nicest lawns in my neighborhood. I always receive comments on how well the yard looks. One of the main differences that makes TruGreen successful is that they will not "kill" the entire lawn and start over. They use your existing grass and "build" a new lawn from what exists already. Mark, my TruGreen technician is terrific. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to stop and answer questions. Our lawn has never looked better and will keep filling in over the years. Thanks TruGreen!"

I have seen enormous improvement

by Christina P.
I signed up for TruGreen services to improve the appearance of my lawn and get it looking good before the sale of my home. I have seen enormous improvement in the year I had service. I am a happy customer and recommend TruGreen.

In 14 days the tree was absolutely beautiful!

by Beverly O.
If your tree is yellow, burnt looking, and essentially on its last legs, you need to consider a Tree I.V. In just two days, I noticed a difference and in 14 days the tree was absolutely beautiful! TruGreen's Certified Arborist, Joel, explained fully what he could do, what I could expect, and he did not exaggerate. Many have noticed the difference and asked what I did to my tree. I tell them to call Joel @ TruGreen.
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