The TruGreen customized lawn plan starts with a Healthy Lawn Analysis,SM 2 exploring your climate,
soil condition, grass type and lawn usage. From there, we design a customized year-round plan to
give your lawn exactly the help and protection it needs at key stages in every season.

your customized TruGreen lawn plan can include:
  • •   A Healthy Lawn Analysis to help customize a plan to meet your lawn’s needs
  • •   Proactive services provided at key stages throughout the year
  • •   Fertilization
  • •   Weed control
  • •   The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Guarantee®

Healthy Lawn Guarantee

With our Healthy Lawn Guarantee,SM
you’ll get the lawn you want or we’ll
refund the amount of your last service.

SAVE 10%1 ON A


recovery from winter
conditions to help
your lawn awaken.


colour maintenance
and control of threats
to lawn health.


recovery from summer
heat stress.


strengthening of root
systems to withstand
winter conditions.