Full of Solutions: Simplifying the Science Behind a Healthy Lawn and Landscape

By TruGreen February 2, 2024
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The secret to creating a lawn flush with thick, green grass takes more than a regular watering schedule. It involves tapping into the science of plant health known as agronomy.  

A healthy, green lawn helps improve curb appeal and enhances the appearance of your home. To enjoy these benefits, homeowners need to maintain a proper lawn care routine.  

Fortunately for you, TruGreen is here to help simplify the process and the science. Our experts have a truck full of solutions to help you achieve the envy-worthy lawn of your dreams. 

Our Lawn Care Solutions

Achieving a healthy, green lawn requires time and effort. Fertilization and weed control alongside proper watering and mowing, are only the start to maintaining a manicured lawn. Every lawn is unique and needs a personalized approach to reach its full potential. Our science-based process evaluates factors such as your climate, soil condition, grass type and lawn usage to craft a customized solution, tailored to your lawn's specific needs. 

Here’s what TruGreen can do for you:


Nutrients are integral to the health of your lawn. Your TruGreen specialist applies nutrient-rich fertilizers, tailored to your lawn, in precise amounts, and at key points in the year to unlock optimal lawn health. With visible results in just 7 to 10 days, your lawn should achieve a deeper green hue and accelerated growth. 
As environmental conditions change and plant health science advances, TruGreen remains committed to cutting-edge research to ensure our lawn care solutions are built on the latest scientific findings, guaranteeing your lawn thrives with the most advanced products and techniques available on the market. 

Weed Control 

Even the best of lawns can get caught in a losing battle with weeds. TruGreen specialists are armed with an arsenal of weed control options to target specific weeds that emerge throughout the year. 
Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to efficiently and effectively stop weeds in their tracks and prevent them from taking root in the first place. With our pre-emergent treatment, we thwart challenging weeds like crabgrass and annual bluegrass before they sprout, while our post-emergent treatments tackle a variety of weeds, including broadleaf, grassy, and sedge types. Within just 10 to 14 days after our post-emergent treatment, you’ll typically observe a noticeable decline in weed growth, characterized by discoloration, twisting, and withering. For stubborn weeds, multiple visits or specialized products may be needed for optimal results.  

However, the best way to fight weeds is not just weed control alone, but rather a holistic approach that promotes a thick, healthy lawn. This comprehensive approach to lawn care spans fertilization to aeration to build a lush, healthy lawn that naturally suppresses weed growth. 

Our Aeration Solutions

Annual wear and tear plus harsh weather can take a toll on your lawn. This is especially true in the summer months with heavy foot traffic from outdoor gatherings and play. All this backyard fun can compact the soil, hindering the flow of air, water, and nutrients from reaching the grass roots.  

Here’s what TruGreen can do for you:

Aeration is a vital process for maintaining a healthy lawn by addressing soil compaction and thatch buildup, which can obstruct air, water, and nutrients from flowing to the grass roots. By breaking up compacted soil and thatch, aeration enhances nutrient availability, water penetration, and soil-air exchange, optimizing the effectiveness of fertilization treatments and watering efforts. Additionally, aeration stimulates root development, leading to thicker, lusher lawn. 

For cool-season lawns that are often plagued by thinning areas or bare spots after a hot, dry summer, overseeding alongside aeration offers the best cure to thicken up turf, which helps to naturally crowd out weeds. Aeration creates optimal conditions for seed development and growth.  Additionally, TruGreen experts select grass seed varieties that offer improved disease and drought tolerance to help your lawn thrive amidst changing environmental conditions.

Our Tree and Shrub Care Solutions

Trees and shrubs enhance your home in numerous ways beyond aesthetics. They can boost property values, decrease energy consumption, and even improve mental well-being for you and your household. Fortunately, caring for these green assets doesn’t have to be a burdensome with help from TruGreen experts to help them reach their full potential.  

Here’s what TruGreen can do for you:

  • Your plants thrive on proper nutrition to support their growth, color, flowering, and overall health. Our tailored fertilization treatments are timed perfectly to unlock your plants’ full potential. 
  • Insects, mites, and diseases can pose a serious threat to your trees and shrubs. Our expert treatments are designed to help protect your greenery against common plant-damaging pests and diseases throughout the year. 
  • During colder months, some plants benefit from a specialized horticultural oil to help prevent damage from insects and mites. This treatment suffocates many common damaging types of insects, insect eggs and mites in their overwintering stage to ensure a smooth transition into the spring growing season for your trees and shrubs.

Our Truckful of Solutions

Understanding the intricacies of lawn and landscape care can be a stressful undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be one you tackle alone! Each TruGreen specialist undergoes comprehensive training to ensure every service is performed the right way with the right equipment at the right time.  

If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining a healthy lawn or caring for your trees and shrubs, your friends at TruGreen are here to help you out with a plan that is custom-tailored to your lawn’s individual needs.

For more information about TruGreen’s range of lawn care services, call 866.688.6722 or check out the services we offer.


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